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Thread: User enhancement requests

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    Not quite the same as it's only one way But are you aware of the "Explorer Like Drag and Drop" selection method (see Preferences) ?
    You can drag an object from the drawing and drop it onto a layer in the document organiser.


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    Question Integrated or loose fit?

    Quote Originally Posted by johnwarburton View Post
    I always think that an integrated solution is better than a work around. The separate paste board window is already in my 101 tips and tricks, but I like the idea that a genuine paste board would be just there and accessible to any window - being able to drag something from the active window to a paste board and then at a later stage drag it from there into another window would be a great workflow.

    My preferred work around at the moment is to use a screen only layer that I link to every appropriate window - e.g. the same layer would be used for all plan windows, while a different screen only layer would be used in every elevation window and so on. Great for keeping multiple versions of an object around, for example.

    I also use a version of your WORKBENCH window, but mine is called WORKING.

    Anyone who uses InDesign would know where I am coming from with this Paste Board idea.
    If the data is in 3d I make it on the "Workbench". If it is 2d data I have a window and a layer called "Working".

    I am familiar with InDesign so I can see where you are coming from, but I cannot see the significant advantage it would bring. I must go and burn some "little grey cells" and cogitate this one out.


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    Default Multiple loop masking extended to photos & rasters.

    I use multiple loop masking for the various views of "The Library" objects.

    It works fine for "burned-in" hidden-line photos (2d graphics), but only the outer loop is available for photos & raster images.

    I can provide examples if required.

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    Exclamation User Request to Informatix Inc. (IFX)

    Please don't leave us out in the cold. I do not want to use MicroStation. There must be something you can do for your loyal customers.

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    Cool Enhancement - 3d Viewer

    An interactive 3d viewer to allow a casual user to orbit/zoom/pan etc. around a 3d model would be cool!

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