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Thread: Duplicate Layer Names

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    Unhappy Duplicate Layer Names

    We are using GDS 10.0.5, and have noticed a number of duplicated layer names in some of our projects. In some cases, we even have 3 or 4 layers, all with the same name. I have checked the "Enforce" setting on all workstations, and it is correctly set.

    Is there any way to stop this happening? I have tried putting on my "cross face" and asking my team members rather sternly to NOT do it, but they are apparently not intimidated in any way.

    Please help a deeply troubled old man!

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    Default Any help? (preferences settings)

    Unique names
    MicroGDS can force new layer names to be unique within a document, or warn you when a layer name is not unique, or ignore duplicate layer names. Select the appropriate option as required.

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    Default GDS and Duplicate Layer names

    Yes, I know about the option. If I try to create a layer with a duplicate name through the appropriate dialogue box, then GDS will prevent the action. The problem is that GDS is ignoring the setting and creating duplicate layer names anyway when I use Paste Special - Objects on matching layers, or if I import a .MAN file.

    This is causing us some serious problems, because we no longer know which layers are the correct ones, and we now have to engage in an exercise to rationalise all of the duplicated layers across 5 rather large external works projects.

    Good thing I keep my hair cut Marine-style short! I'd have torn it all out, otherwise.

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