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Thread: Enough Doom & Gloom!!! Christmas is coming!..

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    Default Enough Doom & Gloom!!! Christmas is coming!..

    Modelled and rendered entirely within microgds and using a few objects (tree foliage, curtain, barrel, bike, mirror & kids) from the 3D Library. The lighting comes from each of the 66 candles plus 5 up & down lights at the base of the tree, and an up-light on the "star". 77 lights in all.

    This is just a "preview" render, the "Full Monty" (Best) is jaw-droppingly amazing!!! And all done on a bog-standard laptop...

    The High Resolution image is now posted on the User Forum.

    Hats off (Big-Time) to the people (Wizards!) that made this possible.

    And a Merry Christmas and prosperous new year to all.
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