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Thread: landscape design: painting trees from sketchup?

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    Default landscape design: painting trees from sketchup?

    i use sketchup for landscape design and use component trees and plants to create materials lists and budgets.

    Im interested in trying out Piranesi but after looking through the gallery, there doesnt appear to be a lot of landscape design examples using sketchup trees or plants. Please excuse me if i have missed some good examples. I have seen some amazing examples of using Piranesi but they mostly appear to be using the Piranesi's tree/plant cutouts.

    Just wondering if anyone is using trees or plants from sketchup and painting them in Piranesi? or is this too laborious?



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    Default Painting Sketchup Trees

    I think David A. Walker uses this technique. He's got a bunch of images on the forum. I think he has a website too.

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