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Thread: Intelligent Objects: User Request

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    Default IFC output

    IMHO, I think that the IFC output functionality MUST be running parallel with the other BIM development stuff.
    All very well to be able to produce the BIM data, but it has to be available to give to engineers etc and I have heard even the well established systems are a bit dodgy with their output (Also reading in IFC stuff...). If ISI can get that piece of code right, I think it will have a major affect on putting MicroGDS up there with the leaders....

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    Unhappy BIM export / import

    I agree with Brinley, IFC In/Out is essential as is the ability to send the drawings out as 2D DWG. I am told that "publish to dwg" does create a file with the correct graphics - but with only one layer. Export to dwg doesn't cope with translating the complex linestyles that the new BIM stuff relies on. In my view this makes the new BIM implementation not fit for purpose until we can send and receive both IFC and DWG files to our fellow consultants. I am encouraged to hear that the IFC translator is being worked on now and is not that far away, but we MUST have an updated DWG translator or else we won't be able to use the new BIM functions.
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    Default Where are the Intelligent Objects?

    So, when Intelligent Objects were introduced to us at the User Meeting in London last November, we were lead to believe that the limited set of intelligent Objects that would be provided at the first release would soon be followed by many more. Indeed work on these was already under way and there would soon be Intelligent Object stairs for example.

    So far, no new Intelligent Object classes have been released.

    When can we expect some activity in this area?
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