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Thread: Problem with outline sketch

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    Exclamation Problem with outline sketch

    i have a kitchen in epx format and i would like to make it an outline sketch!!
    but there is a problem:

    when i use the edges tool with brush and the Balance slider is
    set to Silhouette, everything is fine
    then i use the same but the Balance slider is
    set to internal edges, i have a problem!!!!

    its appear more lines than the inside edges. lines- strokes that there arent exist in RGB channel. look the photo to have a close look..

    is there any problem with the initial png file??do i have to export a png fro 3DSMax with other properties??
    is there any property in piranesi to make it right

    thanks any way!!
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    Many of the paler lines in your image look to me like triangulation edges added by the renderer. These can usually be avoided by generating the epix file with anti-aliasing turned off. I recently posted the instructions for this to the user forum.

    It is possible that some of the edges are in the original model, rather than being added by the renderer. If that is the case you may be able to use the material option of the edge tool, rather than depth, to give the effect you want.


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