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Thread: Using URL mnemonics to open Windows/Views

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    Default Using URL mnemonics to open Windows/Views

    This isn't exactly a Frequently Asked Question but I thought it would be useful.

    Since version 10 we have provided “URL” mnemonics. These mnemonics can be used to open Windows / Views from within the current document or from an external document.
    For example. I have a Plan drawing that has a section line object and I want to be able to click on the section line and open a saved 3D view that has been clipped at the section plane. See the attached image for clarity.

    Select the section line object.
    From the Properties Window “Details display” tab, click on the “Add Reference attribute” button on the Plain object header bar.
    On the “Add Reference Attribute” dialog click “New Mnem...”
    On the “Mnemonic Definition” dialog supply a Name for your attribute and select URL as the Type. Click Save then Close
    Back to the “Add Reference Attribute” dialog, select the mnemonic you have just created and click in the Value box.
    Click the “...” button in the value box to bring up the “Edit Property Value” dialog.
    In the space provided we are going to add a path to the Window(View) that the section is referring to.
    For a Window in the same document use
    “#WindowName*ViewName”. Or..
    The AliasName is also used if you have a folder structure in your Window Names. The ViewName parameter is optional
    For a Window in an external document use:
    Click Ok to save the value then click Ok to close the Add Reference Attribute dialog.
    Now when you hover over the section object you will see a link icon. Click the right mouse button and on the menu you will see your mnemonic. Clicking on this menu entry will open the associated document.

    This method can be used in a number of other cases.
    The Hyperlink mechanism will only accept URLs of the form http://, https://, file:// and ftp:// but remember that only documents that can be opened by MicroGDS are acceptable (i.e. .AIF, .BIF, .CPJ, .DWG, .DXF, .MAN, .MTF, .CV7, .STY, .3DS, .SKP, .XML) from file://.

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    I need education in MicroGDS ... this is so far over my head, I might as well keep my pencil!

    You folks know too much!
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