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Thread: Installing MicroGDS version 8 on PC's with .NET versions later than 1.1

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    Default Installing MicroGDS version 8 on PC's with .NET versions later than 1.1

    There have been problems where users have tried to install MicroGDS version 8 when .NET framework version 2 is installed (along with version 1.0 or 1.1).

    To help solve this problem we have created a new ".msi" installer file for MicroGDS 8.0.
    You can download this new installer called MicroGDS 8.0.msi (as MicroGDS from: (21.8 MB)

    What you need to do is copy the required data off the MicroGDS v8.0 CD onto your hard drive and replace the MicroGDS 8.0.msi file with the one downloaded from our site. Then install MicroGDS from your hard drive.

    From the CD, copy all of the files at root level plus the MicroGDS 8.0 folder and all of its contents.

    After installing v8 and running it don't forget to download and install the v8.0.3 upgrade from:

    To free up disk space, you can remove the data that you copied from the CD onto your hard drive but it's probably best to retain the MicroGDS file that you downloaded.
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