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Thread: Creating Shadows in 2D Elevations...

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    Default Creating Shadows in 2D Elevations...

    Hi there... I'm still just getting to grips with Piranesi - so far... Amazing software and I'm really excited about the prospect of being able to quickly produce nice colourful sketchy renders of houses etc... Im just wondering about one thing in particular at the moment... Ill try and explaine myself as briefly as possible!

    Ok... Say I've drawn out the outlines of an elevation in a 2D CAD program... and I've imported that as an ePix file - all imports fine...
    Start adding brick textures etc... white to the facias, etc... blah blah that part is all fine... works great...

    Now... As the facias would technically (in real life) be protruding from the brickwork (by about 0.2m usually) is there any way to create the shadow line that would appear under the facia on the brickwork? It would add depth to the overall drawing... I thought that if I were to add the facia texture at a different plane (say 0.2m in front of..) to the brickwork this might do something but I dont think Piranesi works like that... My guessing is that I'd need to make a 3d model of the house and take a render of each elevation as necessary... ?

    I hope that makes sense - it's really hard to put it in words!

    (Just to clarify - I understand how to get CUTOUTS to have shadows... that's not the issue here... it's getting blocks of textures in front of other textures to cast shadows)

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    Default Shadows

    What works really well is to have your 3d modeling program render the scene WITH shade and shadow, then detail it as you wish after the exported file is opened in Piranesi.

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    Default floating faces


    its a 2010 response to a 2007 question.
    you may already have found a way ofcourse but anyway for the rest of piranesi

    it may be possible to add shadows to show depth to a 2d drawing.

    use the construct tool to create a new material but with an offset.
    then create a png and import it as a cutout.
    then add shadows to the cutout.

    refer tutoruals to render a plan.


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